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Fleur de Sel, natural, premium quality

The word "Afrina" is the local name for the so-called salt flower or fleur-de-sel. Afrina, in Greece, is only produced in the salt pans of Messolonghi, as the appropriate climate and soil conditions prevail here (shallow sea, minimal waves, moderate wind, seabed without slopes). On the surface of the salt spring a thin crust of the first salt is created. Gradually, with the wind, this crust is carried away and deposited like foam on the sides of the salt spring (hence the local name "afrina"). Then, when this foam dries, it is only collected by hand by skilled woodworkers - an age-old technique known to those who collect it. Afrina is the first harvest of salt: once this harvest is complete, the harvest begins with collecting salt.

It is the purest form of salt and has a completely different taste than salt. Afrina is sweeter with a less intense salty taste and for this reason is known and sought after by confectioners. The crystals are crispy and aromatic and create taste explosions in the mouth. It is the ideal seasoning for raw vegetables and salads, while some crystals, a few minutes before the end of the cooking process, spoil the taste without drying the meat. Awarded a silver medal for quality at the Olymp Awards 2018 competition.

It is a 100% natural product with high nutritional value as it contains 96 minerals and trace elements in ideal proportions.


Fleur de Sel, natural, premium quality

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200 Grams
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