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Pomegranate seed oil, cold-pressed, also for baby skin

Pomegranate Oil 100% natural, cold pressed

Also ideal for caring for sensitive baby skin. Simply add a few drops to bath water with the pipette or to massage delicate baby skin. The oil cares for the sensitive baby skin and provides it with all important substances.

The skin is the largest organ in our body and is exposed to considerable stress from environmental influences.

Penetrates deep into the skin, giving it long-lasting healthy moisture that doesn't feel greasy or create shine. The anti-inflammatory properties calm redness and irritation.

The pomegranate contains antioxidants, so-called polyphenols and flavonoids ellagitannins and also various minerals such as potassium, calcium or magnesium as well as complex polysaccharides that can have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Pomegranate is a natural anti-aging agent and thus also makes a decisive contribution to skin rejuvenation. Many skin problems are favorably influenced with the help of pomegranate oil. Wrinkles, pigment spots, sagging skin and even skin inflammation benefit from the healing power of the pomegranate, which was already known as a remedy in ancient times. 


For all skin types and all hair types

Pomegranate seed oil, cold-pressed, also for baby skin

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100 Milliliters
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