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Handgefertigte Naturseifen mit Luffa


Perfect for effective peeling and cellulite treatment.

The composition consists of vegetable glycerin and coconut oil. Vegetable glycerin has the ability to balance the skin's natural moisture, while coconut oil provides nutrients and regeneration. The natural loofah helps remove dead cells and activate cell circulation. Papaya contains B-carotene, which protects tissues and is rich in potassium, which reduces moisture loss and stimulates lymphatic circulation. The skin becomes soft and supple with the delicious, sweet aroma of exotic fruits

It is suitable for everyday use and all skin types.


Handmade natural papaya soap with loofah

SKU: 60-020
100 Grams
Sales Tax Included |
  • 100% handmade product

    100% paraben free,

    certified organic cosmetics

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