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Extra virgin olive oil, cold-pressed, fruity, mild 1 L

Our olive oil

An experience for your palate

Extra virgin, cold-pressed olive oil in premium quality.

This oil rarity is obtained from the rare, 2500 year old olive variety "Thasitiki Thrumba". The olive variety "Throumba" is a protected geographical indication as it only grows on the Greek island of Thassos.

This rare oil is particularly popular with oil connoisseurs and is unmistakable with its fruity, mild taste.

The olive oil is obtained from handpicked olives, immediately after being picked from the first cold pressing, in a gentle process.

No blending with other types of olives or oils, without the addition of flavors, chemicals and without chemical treatment.

Thassos is listed in the Google Taste Atlas for its olive oil and olives and is very popular among connoisseurs.

Also try our olive oil with various herbs from Thassos or fruits for that special culinary experience.

Extra virgin olive oil, cold-pressed, fruity, mild 1 L

SKU: 10-004
1000 Milliliters
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