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Extra virgin olive oil with black truffle 250 ml

A luxurious condiment or dressing, aroma of Greek extra virgin olive oil with black truffles. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Our black truffle oil is characterized by an intense aroma, strong taste and a gentle oil finish. Ready to use as a luxurious dressing. A few drops are enough to give a range of dishes a unique taste. From scrambled eggs to braised meat. Add a few drops to pizza, bruschetta and soufflés, to beef fillet or to refine meat dishes. Serve with fresh leaf salads and boiled or grilled vegetables. Useful tips 1. Use truffle oil in small quantities. 2. Truffle oil is not used in cooking. 3. It is only used to garnish the dish of your choice and give it a complex earthy taste and a unique aroma.

Extra virgin olive oil with black truffle 250 ml

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