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Anti - Soap Clean Skin

with bioactive ingredients ...

Anti-soap for deep and gentle facial cleansing. Cares for delicate facial skin while washing. This washing bar does not contain soap and can also be used very well for the quick removal of make - up. It does not sting the eyes, leaves the skin clean and well-groomed. The skin breathes

Deeply cleanses and moisturizes the skin

Regulates the oiliness of the skin

Anti-allergic ingredients

Slight antiseptic effect


Anti - Soap Clean Skin

SKU: 30-003
6,80 €Price
100 Grams
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  • 100% soap free

    With organic * oils: almond & olives

    * Ingredients from certified organic cultivation

    • Glycerin: natural moisture, skin care

    • Castor oil: antimicrobial properties that leave skin radiant and hydrated

    • Almond oil: deep moisture, softness and nourishment, rich in vitamins E and K, healing and anti-aging properties

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