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How everything began...
My name is Sofia Vogelpohl and I am the founder of Sofi's Naturshop. I was born in Germany and grew up as the daughter of Greek parents. My parents have been living in Greece again for several years now, where they run a farm with vegetables, chickens and fruit for their own use. We are pampered with fresh products from our farm on each of our visits and have thus learned to appreciate the treasures of the Greek nature.
For many years I was allowed to sell food ingredients to the food industry in Greece for a German company. During this time I learned to love Greek food and to appreciate the treasures of the Greek nature very much. So I decided to import these gifts of the Greek nature to Germany so other people can enjoy them as well.
My husband and I brought a special olive oil for our own needs from our Greece vacation. We get this olive oil from an olive oil mill, where my great-grandfather used to bring his olives to be ground. First of all, all of our friends and relatives who have tried this olive oil have asked us to bring some for them too. The demand got bigger and bigger. So we started to import this special olive oil in large quantities, exclusively for Germany. Over the years, we have tried and tested olive oils from various suppliers, but they did not really convince us. For our customers and for us one thing is certain: we have an incomparably great olive oil and are proud to be able to offer it to you.
We have gradually expanded our product range with other products. But not without thorough and often long lasting examinations and tests of the products. Many visits to the production facilities, discussions with the owners, tours in the factories and the most intensive analyzes. Of course, family members as well as friends and acquaintances had to serve as critical test subjects. Only when we are 100% convinced of a product can it take its place in our range.
It is in our interest to build a long and fair relationship with our customers. Our attention to detail and quality does not prevent us from designing our prices so that our products are affordable for everyone. We would like to convince you of our quality and attach great importance to the fact that our buyers are satisfied and just as enthusiastic about our products as we are.
We started this online shop with a lot of love and passion and hope that we can convey this love for our products to you.
best regards
Sofia Vogelpohl
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