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Organic balsamic vinegar from Crete, without additives

Our balsamic vinegar is an enrichment for every kitchen

v4vita is a family business and was founded, based on the tradition of many generations, by people with many years of experience in the production of pure Cretan products.


The longstanding occupation with organic cultivation is not accidental. The people behind v4vita recognized the value of the Cretan diet and the importance of pure natural products for our health at an early stage.


Our aim is to satisfy even the most demanding palates by using our products,  the principles and values of the Cretan diet remain faithful. We want all consumers to discover the magic and benefits of the Greek diet. "


Our products are made exclusively from Cretan raw materials, without preservatives or additives, are of course certified organic and have won the Great Taste Award .


You will find a valuable partner for your kitchen in these 100% natural products! A real ally made from must concentrate from red or white grapes and vinegar, which matures in oak barrels together with thyme honey, oranges or Cretan herbs. Try them on fresh salads, for marinating meat, on grilled vegetables, cheeses, desserts, nuts, many other dishes and to create your own unique sauce!

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