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BB Moisturizer Medium Tone - 40ml

Medium Tone moisturizer effectively covers scars and redness. At the same time, it moisturizes, soothes the skin and combats oiliness and imperfections.

The mixture of vegetable oils it consists of absorbs immediately and leaves no greasy film. It nourishes the skin and restores the lipid skin barrier, reducing imperfections, oiliness, sebum, pimples and dark spots.


The BB cream offers a fresh and silky texture, it is easy to spread and gives a matte, natural, discreet and even result that you will love.

BB Moisturizer Medium Tone - 40ml

SKU: 30-031
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    • Panthenol:Vitamin, active ingredient with regenerative and healing properties.
    • Vitamin E: Antioxidant, anti-aging, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory effects.
    • Vegetable silicone: Provides a silky feel, keeps skin soft and supple.
    • Oat oil: Provides antioxidant protection, restores the lipid skin barrier and increases skin moisture. With strong anti-acne effects, it reduces pimples, blackheads, sebum and oiliness.
    • Abyssinian oil:Deeply nourishes, moisturizes and increases skin elasticity.It providesmoisturizes the skin without feeling heavy. It is for sensitive, atopic, skin - it does not cause irritation, provides relief to the skin and has a smoothing effect. It moisturizes the skin, prevents moisture loss and strengthens the skin's natural hydrolipid coat.
      Seboreductyl: Active ingredient that regulates sebum production, has an astringent effect, reduces pore size and moisturizes the skin.
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