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SERINKLE- Serum fast-acting wrinkle tightening

An amazing product with a direct and proven effect. Smoothes the skin and reduces wrinkles. Wine has the ability to bind the skin's free radicals, which slows down the skin's aging process. At the same time, the contained tartaric acid ensures deep and effective hydration of the skin. The mastic complex with the grape seeds and vitamin E acts as a powerful moisturizer and anti-aging agent, while Ameliox has a very strong anti-wrinkle effect. Clinical studies have shown that wrinkles are reduced by 85% after using the serum for 4 weeks. 90% firming of the skin and 90% immediate smoothing of wrinkles!

For all skin types from mid-30s

SERINKLE- Serum fast-acting wrinkle tightening

SKU: 30-007
30 Milliliters
Sales Tax Included |
  • Mastic, mastic oil, wine (Ariousios wine), grape seed oil, vitamin E, Ameliox, chamomile extract * and wild chestnut extract;

    * Organic farming

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