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Body Lotion Midnight Sun

Extremely addicting!

Miraculously moisturizing!

The vitamin E content of the emulsion gives your skin suppleness, makes it soft and contributes significantly to strengthening the skin barrier.

Among other things, it has an antioxidant, anti-aging, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory effect.

Midnight Sun has a "gourmet" scent. This rich, velvety, unique combination attracts attention everywhere!

The notes of mint and lavender, caramel and dark chocolate are combined with those of the enchanting note of coffee and give this wild aroma the longing to wear it all day!

And it doesn't end here: the perfume just keeps getting better the more it is worn, as a relaxing touch of patchouli completes this wild, sweet walk!

An emulsion that will amaze you with this game of contrasts!

Men and women love this fragrance.

Body Lotion Midnight Sun

SKU: 60-019
100 Milliliters
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