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esichtscreme mit Eselsmilch, Q10 und Aloe Vera


This combination makes the skin glow. Dead cells are removed and the formation of new ones stimulated. New collagen is formed and anti-oxidative and regenerative properties, protecting the skin and preventing damage. A perfect anti - aging care that softens and prevents wrinkles and regenerates the skin with excellent results.


Active ingredients: Donkey milk 24%, vegetable emulsifier, oil (jojoba, hazelnut oil, grape oil), floral water (chamomile, rose water), water, aloe gel, polyphenols, Q10 coenzyme, aroma.



Face cream with 24% donkey milk, Q10 and aloe vera

SKU: 30-013
50 Milliliters
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  • Cleopatra already knew about the benefits of donkey milk and bathed in it every day. According to research, donkey milk has regenerating ingredients and prevents many skin diseases. It contains essential fatty acids that help the skin absorb vitamins while improving the healing process. Donkey milk salts make it possible to cleanse the skin by removing dead skin cells in order to regenerate the formation of new cells. Donkey milk is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin A. The rich composition of donkey milk with a high content of protein phospholipids and ceramides is ideal for:

    · Treatment of wrinkles

    · Restructuring and regeneration of the face with visible results

    . Tightening of the skin

    . Smoothing out skin imperfections

    . long-lasting deep hydration

    . Cure for acne, eczema and psoriasis

  • WITHOUT: animal experiments, parabens, mineral oil, propylene glycol, ethanolamines, triethanolamines, microplastics

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