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Anti-wrinkle serum with results that you can see quickly. Dark circles and micro-wrinkles are reduced. The Phytodermina lifting extract is a herbal product with a direct lifting effect, which reduces the swelling in the area under the eyes and tightens the epidermis. The caffeine-lecithin complex has a local effect, reducing the annoying swelling and at the same time changing the tired appearance of the epidermis by giving it a youthful appearance. Mastic oil, chamomile and honey provide moisture, promote skin density and elasticity, protect and soothe the skin in the sensitive area of the eyes.

For all skin types, from mid-30s

Instructions for use: Before applying the eye cream, apply a small amount of the serum to the eye area.

Shake well before use.

Ingredients: Mastic, Mastic Oil, Lecithin - Caffeine Complex, Plant Extract Phytodermina Lifting, Jojoba Oil *, Honey *, Calendula *, Chamomile *.

* organic cultivation


SKU: 30-006
30 Milliliters
Sales Tax Included |
  • Mastic, mastic oil, lecithin - caffeine complex, plant extract Phytodermina lifting, jojoba oil *, honey *, marigold *, chamomile *.

    * organic cultivation

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