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Midnight Sun Perfume

Midnight Sun Perfume is an addicting "gourmet" perfume! This rich, velvety, unique combination draws attention wherever it is worn!

The notes of mint and lavender, caramel and dark chocolate are combined with those of the enchanting note of coffee and give this wild aroma the longing to wear it all day!

And it doesn't end here: the more the perfume is worn, the better it is, as a relaxing patchouli completes this wild, sweet walk!

A fragrance that will delight you with this game of contrasts!

Midnight Sun Perfume

SKU: 60-031
50 Milliliters
Sales Tax Included |
  • Our perfumes are made with high quality aromatic oils to create the most pleasant and sensual scent.

    We create unique, high quality fragrances for our customers who just don't want to smell like everyone else. They are dermatologically tested. They are not tested on animals.

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